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What are the benefits of TripRes.com?
  • Multiple hotel selection in a variety of themes.
  • Simple reservation process.
  • A better value than you get by calling the hotel directly.
  • Convenience.
How many rooms can I book at a time?
At this time, you can book multiple rooms (up to 10) at a time as the discounted rate is available only to small sets of individual travelers, not groups.

Why can't we book a group?
Groups are handled by our groups department; rates, services and costs may vary greatly.

Are these lower quality rooms because it is a lower rate?
These are not lower quality rooms, but the same room you would get by calling the hotel direct. We are able to offer a better rate than the hotels directly, as we have guaranteed to the hotel a certain number of room sales and for this, they are willing to offer us a better price than they can offer to individuals buying one room at a time.

How can I find out more about the hotels you offer?
For a complete description of the hotel's services and amenities, click on the "hotels" navigation button; you will be provided with hotel photos and the most updated information on the hotel.

Who owns TripRes.com?
TripRes.com is owned and operated by Prestige Travel Inc., Nevada's largest full service travel agency with 15 offices servicing Las Vegas since 1980. TripRes.com was created as the Internet based division of Prestige Travel Inc. to sell rooms direct to consumers at the best value possible.

With whom are you affiliated?
We have a special relationships with the hotels we offer, where we have negotiated very favorable pricing and large blocks of space affirming the best price in each price category.

What types of charges show up on my credit card?
Hotel Only Reservations. TripRes.com charges the credit card for the hotel room and any special additions, such as extra guests in the room. The line on your charge will read TripRes.com.

How do I make a reservation for someone else?
To make a reservation for someone else, just type in his or her name as the guest. However, the registration will need to be charged to your credit card, so please be sure you enter your address as this is what is used to process the credit card.

Why do I need to prepay for my reservation?
TripRes.com must receive prepayment for reservations in order to guarantee that you receive the lowest possible room charges available at the time of booking.

To provide you with the best possible value for your requested travel dates, we require a credit card number to reduce the number of fraudulent bookings. Fraudulent bookings increase the costs for everyone. Up front credit card charging ensures we receive the least number of fraudulent bookings and as this helps us keep our expenses lower we can provide you with a lower room cost.

Is my credit/debit card number safe?
As we use standard SSL encryption, your credit card number is just as safe as if you made your reservation over the phone.

Must I always use the same credit/debit card when making a reservation?
No, you can use any credit card you wish. We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

I want to make a change to my reservation.
To make a change to your existing reservation, you must call 1-800-255-0372 and speak with one of our customer service agents. Remember that penalties may apply to any changes made to your reservation and we recommend reading the Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing.
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